PeruCoin Plans To Build One Of Peru’s Largest Crypto Mining Operations

One of the strengths of the crypto community is the enthusiasm for growing the crypto economy on a grass roots level.

That is certainly the case with the current token sale for PeruCoin. The team behind PeruCoin want to educate Peruvians and in the process grow their local crypto economy.

Here’s how they plan to do it…

The Vision For PeruCoin

PeruCoin will promote knowledge and investments in cryptocurrencies in Peru. The idea is to make the citizens of Peru more informed about how cryptocurrencies work and the benefits of using them.

How Will PeruCoin Achieve This?

PeruCoin first plans to establish 2000 mining machines will be setup. Citizens of Peru and visitors from other countries will then be able to visit the mining operation to become better educated about crypto and the mining process. During these guided visits people will have the opportunity to participate in active demonstrations of the mining equipment. There will also be pamphlets provided to visitors of the mining farm.

What Is The Goal For PeruCoin?

Through these visits its hoped that Peruvians will be better informed about the advantages of crypto. Through this process there hesitation about participating in crypto will be overcome. In turn this should help to create a more thriving crypto investment climate in Peru.


What Happens If PeruCoin Doesn’t Reach It’s Full Funding Target?

PeruCoin has two options for funding. If PeruCoin reaches its soft cap then it plans to purchase a factory and one thousand mining machines. If it hits the hard cap then it plans to increase the number of mining machines that it purchases to two thousand. Even reaching the soft cap would enable PeruCoin to establish one of the larger mining operations in Peru.

Key Details Of The PeruCoin Token Sale

Price during private sale #1: $4.90 = 1 PeruCoin
Price during private sale #2: $5.60 = 1 PeruCoin
Price during token presale: $5.95 = 1 PeruCoin
Price during ICO sale: $7.00 = 1 PeruCoin

Number of tokens available during private sale #1: 600,000 PeruCoin
Number of tokens available during private sale #2: 500,000 PeruCoin
Number of tokens available during token presale: 400,000 PeruCoin
Number of tokens available during ICO sale: 400,000 PeruCoin

Start date for private sale #1: 06.07.2018
Start date for private sale #2: 31.07.2018
Start date for token presale: 15.08.2018
Start date for ICO sale: 06.09.2018

Read more:

PeruCoin Website:

PeruCoin Whitepaper:

PeruCoin Facebook:

PeruCoin Twitter:

PeruCoin Medium:;u=1138788

Mix.Rent Is Using Blockchain Tech To Make It Easy For Anyone To Rent A Vehicle Anywhere In The World

It’s estimated that 30% of all car rentals are made by tourists.

Invariably the bank cards that the customer is using is in a different currency to the country where they are renting the vehicle. In a significant number of cases this complicates the process of hiring a rental vehicle.

Mix.Rent is a new blockchain startup that wants to make it easier for anyone to rent a vehicle, not matter where they are in the world.

Mix.Rent is doing this with a clever combination of smart contracts and blockchain technology which is bringing together car renters with owners.

Read on to find more about Mix.Rent and their upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

What is Mix.Rent?

Mix.Rent is a decentralised platform for car rental and sharing services. Mix.Rent uses blockchain and smart contract technology in order to provides users with access to a wide range of transport updated in real time. This platform connect rental users with vehicle owners from across the globe.

Does Mix.Rent have a product in place?

Mix.Rent has already registerer 11,000 users and 7,000 vehicles on their platform. To date the platform has received $100,000 in seed funding from angel investors.

Where is Mix.Rent available?

Mix.Rent is currently available in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Russia. There is plans to expand this into the near term into Australia and Brazil.

What token is being issued?

The MIX token.

How many tokens are being sold?

There will be 52 million MIX tokens sold.

When does the ICO start?

The ICO is scheduled to start on the 15th of July 2018.

How many tokens will be issued?

There will be 100 million MIX tokens issued.

What is the maximum amount that will be collected during the ICO?

There has been a hard cap set at $30 million.


What is the minimum that needs to be raised during the ICO?

The soft cap for the ICO is $1 million. If less than this is raised then the funds will be returned to the participants of the ICO.

Where can you find more information about the Mix.Rent ICO?

You can learn more about the Mix.Rent ICO by visiting:

Mix.Rent Website:

Mix.Rent Facebook:

Mix.Rent LinkedIn:

Mix.Rent Twitter:

Mix.Rent Medium:;u=1138788

SportsFix ICO Shoots For $620 Billion Global Sports Market

In 2015 the global sports market was valued as much as $620 billion.

That huge market will soon see an innovative new entrant who is positioning themselves as “Netflix meets the blockchain”.

This new platform aims to present a revolutionary change to the way that sports content is offered and consumed. The core concept is that sports rights will be debundled and decentralised. Payments will be transacted using smart contracts via the Ethereum blockchain.

SF Media Holdings

The team behind SportsFix is SF Media Holdings. This is one of the fastest growing OTT business in Asia. SF Media Holdings delivers international and local sports content to million of users each week.

How SportsFix Plans To Deliver The “Digital Stadium” Experience

SportsFix plans to create what it calls the Digital Stadium. This Digital Stadium aims to combine live sports content with social media, gamification and eCommerce.

Consumers will be able to select exactly which sports content that they want to consume and pay for only this. They will also be able to vote for their favourite content.

In addition SportsFix wants to recreate the social experience of watching a sports event in person. Users of the platform will be able to interact with other fans.

In order to enter this digital stadium users will need to pay using their tokens. They will also be able to make predictions on the event and compare these against other fans on leaderboards.

Users will also be able to earn loyalty points from engaging in activities which promote the platform. The objective is to provide a strong incentive for existing users to stay and interact with the platform. And at the same time existing users will help to attract new users to the platform.


SFT Token Sale

Investors will be able to purchase the SFT token at a price of $0.10 to 1 SFT. During the token sale 440,000,000 SFT tokens will be offered, out of a total of 800,000,000 SFT. There has been a soft cap set at $2 million and hard cap of $37.2 million. You can find out more by visiting:

SportsFix Website:

SportsFix Telegram:

SportsFix Twitter:

SportsFix Medium:

SportsFix Facebook:

SportsFix Linkedin:;u=1138788

Blockchain Startup Memority Plans To Be The Future Of Encrypted Data Storage

By 2020 it is predicted that the total amount of data will increase to 44 Zetabytes.

A significant portion of that data will be incredibly valuable to it’s owners. Ensuring its security will be paramount.

Memority is a new blockchain startup that wants to provide that security and storage.

Here we’ll look at what Memority is and the key details for their token sale.

What is Memority?

Memority is a decentralised platform that provides secure storage of data on the blockchain. It does this by provided encrypted copies of data in different and unrelated locations across the globe.

What are the key features of Memority?

Data on Memority is encrypted using a private key. Only the owner of the key can view the files that are being stored. There is also always multiple copies of data. When the number of duplicate drops below are certain threshold, the monitoring system will create new copies.


What is MMR?

MMR is the native token of the Memority platform. It is an ERC-20 compliant token.

What is the price of MMR?

1 MMR is priced at $0.1 USD.

What is the hard cap for the token sale?

$USD 85 million.

What is the soft cap for the token sale?

$USD 5 million.

Are there any bonuses?

Yes, bonuses range from 5 – 20%.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Visa and MasterCard.

Where can you find out more information?

You can read more about Memority and the token sale by visiting:

Memority Website:

Memority Whitepaper:

Memority Twitter:

Memority Facebook:

Memority Bitcointalk ANN:;u=1138788

Triggmine Is Building A Decentralised Platform For Marketing Automation

Businesses that implement marketing automation see on average a 14.5% increase in sales productivity according to research.

Marketing automation is increasingly becoming an added extra to something that is essential for any organisation to have. The competition for customers online is fierce. Only those that are able to leverage data fully and personalise their marketing succeed.

This has given enterprise companies an advantage over smaller players. These large organisations have the resources to make better use of marketing automation.

Small and medium sized business often find that marketing automation is too expensive and that the existing solutions don’t fit their specific needs.

Enter Triggmine

Triggmine is building the first decentralised marketing automation platform. This platform will allow all of the participants in the marketing automation ecosystem to interact with one another on a peer to peer bbaisis.

This new platform will make it easier for small and medium sized businesses to make use of marketing automation by providing a smart assistant built into the platform. The platform itself will provide direct economic incentives in order to attract new users.

For small and medium sized business one of the most attractive features is that they will only be charged on the basis of real actions taken by users. This compares to the standard model of a monthly subscription.

Triggmine Token

Triggmine token (TRG) will be used as was a way of providing economic incentives for participants to engage with the platform.

TRG can be used as means of payments between any of the participants in the system. When payments are made they are recorded on the blockchain.

Rewards earned through the Triggmine ecosystem will be paid in TRG. TRG will be used a stake deposit which is needed for network nodes to guarantee security.

TRG token will be distributed in a token sale. You can learn more about Triggmine and the token sale by visiting:

Trigg Website:

Trigg Whitepaper:

Trigg Twitter:

Trigg Facebook:

Trigg Bitcointalk Ann:;u=1138788

VectorZilla Targets Booming Stock Graphic Market

The demand for stock graphics has boomed over the past decade as the internet has grown.

The ever expanding need for stock graphics has been driven by the proliferation of websites, mobile apps and software.

And that’s not all. Stock graphics are used everyday for corporate presentations and marketing materials. Not to mention on physical products including clothes and wall graphics.

However, the stock graphic market has not always been all that transparent. Buyers may be unsure how much of the price they are paying is going to the actual designer and how much is taken by the marketplace itself. Designers often feel forced to accept pricing structures in order to participate in those same marketplaces.

That’s where VectorZilla enters the picture…

What is VectorZilla?

VectorZilla is a decentralised, royalty free platform for stock graphics. That platform currently provides access to over a million stock graphic elements.

What’s more the platform intends to incorporate machine learning to enable selling of micro targeted graphics. For users there will also be access to a complete suite of graphic design and publishing tools. And an API that partners can use to integrate with the platform.

Designers will be able to leverage an inbuilt marketplace where they can sell their graphics for highly competitive prices.

Blockchain based storage

The VectorZilla platform will make sue of Blockchain based storage for storing all of the critical data and files. The native VZ digital token will use the ERC20 token standard. With a decentralised ledger and security guarantees the platform will provide both safety and transparency. This will make sure that participants are able to trade fairly and openly.


Key Details Of The VectorZilla ICO

Token symbol: VZT
Token type:: ERC-20
Number of tokens: 100,000,000 VZT
Number of tokens available in ICO: 75,000,000 VZT

Read More:

VectorZilla Website:

VectorZilla Whitepaper:

VectorZilla Facebook:

VectorZilla Twitter:

VectorZilla Bitcointalk ANN:;u=1138788

How ArchiCoin Plans To Deliver Stable, Decentralised Storage

Archicoin is creating a secure, decentralised storage network using cryptography.

This multifunction storage network would enable anyone to connect and provide there surplus storage capacity.

For those it need of storage it would provide a solution which costs a fraction of similar services provided by traditional centralised competitors.

Archicoin is currently undergoing a token sale to raise funds for the development of the platform. Here are some key Q & A’s for the Archicoin token sale.

What is Archicoin?

Archicoin provides a distributed storage network based on stable cryptography. Any person can choose to connect spare disk space to the network to private storage space for other users.

How does Archicoin compare with centralised competitors?

Archicoin believes that there decentralised solution can be up to ten times cheaper compared to traditional centralised storage solutions like Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure.

Is Archicoin just for storing files?

The Archicoin network will be able to act as more than just a decentralised storage network for files. It will be multifunction providing the possibility to use the network for functions such as backend applications and online stores.

Is the data stored encrypted?

Yes, all of the data stored through the distributed network will be encrypted.

What is the name of the token?

The token is called ARCHI

How many stages are there to the token sale?

The token sale is being divided into three – a private token pre-sale, a token pre-sale and the main ICO.

How many tokens are being made available at each stage?

The number of tokens being made at each stage are:

Private token pre-sale: 400 million ARCHI
Token pre-sale: 700 million ARCHI
ICO: 12.5 billion ARCHI

What is the price of ARCHI at each stage:

The price of ARCHI at each stage of the token sale is as follows:

Private token pre-sale: 1 ARCHI = $0.0005
Token pre-sale: 1 ARCHI = $0.001
ICO: 1 ARCHI = $0.002

Where can you find more information about the ARCHI token sale?

You can find more information about the ARCHI token sale by visiting:

Archicoin website:

Archicoin white paper:

Archicoin FAQ:

Archicoin Telegram:

Archicoin Bitcointalk ANN:

Archicoin Twitter:;u=1138788

RedCab Wants To Use Blockchain Tech To Disrupt The Ride Hailing Industry

RedCab Wants To Use Blockchain Tech To Disrupt The Ride Hailing Industry

In a recent study it was found that 91% of drivers on car hailing services were motivated by increasing their income.

RedCab is a new entrant into the decentralised transport space which wants to capitalise on these incentives. RedCab has stated that drivers who join the decentralised network will be guaranteed a 20% increase in their income.

RedCabs Vision For More Efficient P2P Transport

RedCab believes it can achieves this by facilitating driving within their network more efficiently than there competitors. This should in turn provide a sustainable cost advantage.

As demand rises Red Cab drivers will be able to complete a great number of rides over the course of an hour. This in turn can be passed onto customers in a lower average cost per ride.

Benefits For Taxi Companies

RedCab wants to work with Taxi Companies and give them access to technology which will keep them efficient and cost effective.

Advantages For Drivers

Drivers will of course be able to earn through the network by providing their services. RedCab aims to provide more rides per hour and thus enable drivers to enjoy more flexibility and higher earnings. Drivers will also be able to earn tokens through proof of driving.

Benefits For Customers

Customers using RedCab will be able to enjoy free trips if they are frequent users. They will also be able to partake in lower price fares and higher savings. There will be surge pricing because RedCab believe they have a solution to matching driving supply with demand. RedCab will provide multiple options that match against the users needs. Finally, customers will also be able to earn through the RedCab referral program.

RedCab Token Contribution Event

The RedCab token contribution event will provide the ability to purchase REDC tokens. In order to participate in the token contribution event users will need to have an ERC-20 compatible wallet.

The exchange rate has been set at 1 ETH is equal to 2333 REDC. The hard cap for the token sale is 24529 ETH. The minimum purchase for the token sale is 233.3 REDC.

You can learn more about the RedCab token sale by visiting:

RedCab Website:

RedCab Whitepaper:

RedCab Twitter:

RedCab Facebook:

RedCab Telegram:

RedCab Bitcointalk ANN:;u=1138788

How Send Plans To Create A Semi-Stable Digital Currency

While cryptocurrencies have boomed in popularity wide-spread consumer adoption has been hindered by their volatility.

SDT is a semi-stable digital currency which wants to address this problem of volatility.

In essence SDT uses an algorithm to analyse the liquidity of the network. It then looks to discover a temporary stable price which will last for a limited period of time.

This is backed by the Send Consensus Network. Users will be able to rely on obtaining the SDT consensus price as a minimum for their transactions.

WeSend P2P Money Exchange

One of the primary applications for SDT will be WeSend. This is a P2P money exchange network. By visiting users will be able to use SDT to transfer, exchange and store and type of value across the globe. WeSend already has more than 84,000 registered users.

Key Details of Token Sale

Send is implementing a token sale where the price of the SDT token increases over time. The Token sale will start at $USD0.20 to 1 SDT. It will increase until the price reaches a maximum of $USD20.

Payment for the SDT token can be made in ETH. The token sale is to be conducted during the third quarter of 2018 and will last for 365 days.

Learn more about Send by visiting:

Send Website:

Send Whitepaper:

Send Twitter:

Send Facebook:

Send Telegram:;u=1138788

BitNautic Targets $12 Trillion Global Shipping Market Using Blockchain Technology

Seabourne trade was estimated to be valued at $USD 12 trillion dollars in 2017.

BitNautic wants to target that trillion industry and they intend to use the blockchain to do it.

The idea is that BitNautic will make it easy for any participant in the ecosystem to find the right ship to send their shipment according to their budget and scheduling needs.

Challenges Facing The Shipping Industry

The trillion dollar global shipping industry currently faces a number of key challenges. These include:

* Variable firedog rates
* Security threats
* Cost of regulations
* Overcapacity

At the local level shippers and producers also have a number of core problems, in particular in developing markets. These include:

* Limited access to sea lines
* Problems with shipping smaller cargo
* Lack of transparency
* A high number of intermediaries

In order for the shipping industry to meet these challenges it needs to undergo a fundamental transformation fully embracing digital technology.

BitNautics Solution To These Problems

In order to address the core problems faced by the shipping industry BitNautic is developing a distributed platform created on the Ethereum blockchain.

These platform would match supply and demand for the shipping industry. Using the platform ship owners from anywhere in the world will be able to add their ship and its current position. Cargo owners will also be able to to list their cargo. This will allow any user to asses the current condition of the shipping market in real time.

Both carriers and shippers will be able to access the booking system using digital contracts based on the blockchain. There will provide both transparency and certainty to the interaction. What’s more users of the system will be able to book space for up to six months in advance.

All of these information will be protected with the contact name and ship information only available to their owners. Users will be able to decide what information that they want to release and to who.

BitNautic Token Sale

BitNautic will hold a token sale. The key details for which are as follows:

Pre ICO Start Date: 1 May 2018
Pre ICO End Date: 31 May 2018
Main ICO Start Date: 1 June 2018
Main ICO End Date: 30 June 2018
Token Symbol: BTNT
Token Type: ERC20
Total Supply: 50 million BTNT
Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 500 BTNT

Read More:

BitNautic Website:

BitNautic Whitepaper:

BitNautic Telegram:

BitNautic Facebook:

BitNautic Bitcointalk:;u=1138788